2017 Bayesian Crowd Workshop

The first Bayesian Crowd Workshop took place in Rotterdam (NL) on July 3-4, 2017.

Theme: Bayesian mechanisms to elicit the truth from a crowd.

Organizers: Drazen Prelec and Aurelien Baillon

SessionDate and timeFirst nameLast nameTitle
July 03 12:00-13:15Lunch
July 03 13:15-13:30Introduction
1. Incentive mechanisms and heterogeneityJuly 03 13:30-14:00BoiFaltingsPeer Truth Serums for heterogeneous beliefs
1. Incentive mechanisms and heterogeneityJuly 03 14:00-14:30DebmalyaMandalPeer Prediction with Heterogeneous Users
1. Incentive mechanisms and heterogeneityJuly 03 14:30-15:00YangLiuMachine-Learning Aided Peer Prediction
July 03 15:00-15:30Break
2. Incentive mechanismsJuly 03 15:30-16:00GoranRadanovicNon-parametric incentive mechanisms
2. Incentive mechanismsJuly 03 16:00-16:30AurelienBaillonBayesian market to elicit private information
2. Incentive mechanismsJuly 03 16:30-17:00BenjaminTereickHonesty via Choice-Matching
2. Incentive mechanismsJuly 03 17:00-17:30DrazenPrelecTruth-serums on networks
July 03 19:00-22:00Dinner
July 04 08:45-09:00Coffee
3. Experiments and surveysJuly 04 09:00-09:30GeorgGranicBayesian truth-serum: an application to subjective well-being and health
3. Experiments and surveysJuly 04 09:30-10:00YanXuExperimental tests of Bayesian markets
3. Experiments and surveysJuly 04 10:00-10:30BenGillenTwo Information Aggregation Mechanisms for Predicting the Opening Weekend Box Office Revenues of Films
July 04 10:30-11:00Break
4. Properties and axiomsJuly 04 11:00-11:30JaksaCvitanicIncentive Compatible Surveys via Posterior Probabilities
4. Properties and axiomsJuly 04 11:30-12:00HrvojeSikicBTS Axiomatics: Game of Duels
4. Properties and axiomsJuly 04 12:00-12:30JensWitkowskiEmpirical truthfulness of peer prediction mechanisms
July 04 12:30-14:00Lunch
5. Wisdom of crowd / SPJuly 04 14:00-14:30SonjaRadasUncovering Hidden Knowledge in Stated Purchase Intentions: Application of Bayesian Truth Serum
5. Wisdom of crowd / SPJuly 04 14:30-15:00JackSollExtracting the Wisdom of Crowds When Information is Shared
5. Wisdom of crowd / SPJuly 04 15:00-15:30JohnMcCoyA probabilistic generative model for aggregating judgments by incorporating peer predictions
July 04 15:30-16:00Wrap Up
July 04 16:30-18:30Group activity
July 04 18:30-21:30Dinner

Family NameFirst NameInstitution
BaillonAurelienErasmus University Rotterdam
BleichrodtHanErasmus University Rotterdam
Collell-TalledaGuillemUniversity of Leuven
FaltingsBoiEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
GoelNamanEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
GranicGeorgErasmus University Rotterdam
KauffeldtFlorianHeidelberg University
LiuYangHarvard University
LongChristopher J.MIT
MandalDebmalyaHarvard University
RadanovicGoranHarvard University
SikicHrvojeUniversity of Zagreb
SollJackDuke University
SpinuVitalieErasmus University Rotterdam
TereickBenjaminErasmus University Rotterdam
TriastcynAlekseiEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
WangTongChinese University of Hong Kong
WitkowskiJensETH Zurich
XuYanErasmus University Rotterdam